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Tebow crying lost him a man card

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment

I am a Gator fan and a Tim Tebow fan. I know that means a lot of you immediately don’t like me but get over it. I acted much like all Gator fans have been the past 4 years. Proud, confident, and sometimes seemingly arrogant to the Gators football success.

This year I was not naive to think the Gators couldn’t lose. I actually predicted they would lose to Alabama. I thought it would be a much lower scoring game. Something in the 13 to 10 range similar to LSU game. However, I was still hopeful and excited for the SEC championship game. In my mind that game WAS the national championship game. Both Alabama and Florida can and will beat Texas.

Anyway, the SEC Championship game was definitely rough as a Gator fan. The gators did not bring it, specifically on defense. Tebow actually had a similar game to the LSU victory but the Gator defense (which is the real reason the Gators went 12-0) was not there. I could blame Carlos Dunlop for being a complete idiot. I could point to Brandon Spikes getting hurt. In the end… Alabama was just the better team. Frankly I feel if Alabama had a better showing against Tennessee they would have been #1 the entire second half of the season. I stopped watching after Tebow’s 4th quarter endzone pick. I did not see this whole crying fiasco until later.

Which leads me to my message to Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow… you have embarrassed your fans and yourself. You embarrassed me as a Gator fan and as a Tim Tebow fan. I have spent hours defending your leadership and competitive determination. Time and time again you showed yourself to be a leader and a model citizen. Then you had to go and ruin it in your last meaningful college football game.

You have erased your famous motivational speech after the lost to Ole Miss last year. You have ruined the image of the 2008 SEC title game where you looked like a true warrior with crimson paint all over your jersey as you led the Gators past Alabama in the rain on your way to a national championship. You’ve ruined it. As if being spanked 32-13 wasn’t enough.. you just couldn’t hold your emotions in and had to make every Tebow hater absolutely love Alabama’s victory even more. You cried. You cried like a freaking baby. There is no defending that. You allowed Tennessee fans, FSU fans, and fans of all other teams the right to give Gator fans crap. They can now give every Gator fan crap and we have to take it. What can we say back? Nothing.

You will no longer be thought of as a warrior, as a fighter, but instead as a pansy. A wuss. A man who cries when he doesn’t get what he wants. In my book you lost a man card and I will suffer the consequences of your inability to control your emotions.

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