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Granderson traded to Yankees in 3 team deal

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Tigers get:
Phil Coke (from Yankees)
Austin Jackson (from Yankees)
Max Scherzer (from Diamondbacks)
Daniel Schlereth (from Diamondbacks)

Yankees get:
Curtis Granderson (from Tigers)

Diamondbacks get:
Edwin Jackson (from Tigers)
Ian Kennedy (from Yankees)

This trade really caught me be surprise. The Tigers led the american league central for a large part of 2009. They crumbled down the stretch losing out to the Twins, but they had a competitive ball club. One of the reasons for this success was great pitching out of Edwin Jackson and having a quality leadoff hitter in Curtis Granderson. Granderson is a rare combination of speed and power from the leadoff spot. He was also a person that gave back to the city of Detroit through his charities. The Tigers basically waved the white flag to all their fan. I would not be surprised if Miguel Cabrera was next. If you are a Tiger fan I am sorry, your ownership has given up on 2010. Expect a Marlins style fire sale to follow in the coming off season. In the end the Tigers did get some value in return. Max Scherzer is a quality pitcher that just could not seem to nail down a spot in Arizona’s rotation but could be a big surprise for Detroit.

If you are a Yankee fan you should be proud of your general manager. The Yankees gave up Austin Jackson, Phil Coke, and Ian Kennedy. Three players that proved nothing in the major leagues. In return they got the best leadoff hitter they’ve had since they gave up Alfonso Soriano to aquire A-Rod in 2004. Granderson is owed $25.75 million over the next 3 years with a club option in 2013. That basically adds up to the Yankees potentially getting Granderson for 4 years at what I consider a reasonable price. Johnny Damon would probably demand at least what Granderson is getting paid and is nearly 8 years older than Granderson. Granderson turns 29 in March. This may not close the door on a Johnny Damon return but it surely dampers any leverage he had in contract negotiations. Bottom line, the World Champion Yankees just got better and it wasn’t through free agency.

Lastly is the Diamondbacks. I honestly do not see why Arizona got involved here. They gave up Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth for Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy. Scherzer is a quality young starter and Schlereth is another young arm. The Diamondbacks must have a lot of faith in Ian Kennedy or no faith in Max Scherzer for them to feel this trade was a smart move for them. The Tigers and Yankees must have sweet talked Diamondback GM Josh Byrnes to get this job done.

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