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Tiger Woods is a pimp

I cannot help but comment on the whole Tiger Woods fiasco. First, we hear about Tiger getting in a minor car accident at 2am which he ran into a fire hydrant and tree in his own driveway. Immediately you think alcohol or drugs. Then, it turns out he was escaping for his life as his wife ‘went ghetto’ on him chasing him down the driveway with a freaking golf club allegedly because she found out about Tiger’s affair with another woman.

Immediately you think ‘Tiger Woods? cheating on his wife?’. The latest star to turn out to be a scum bag. Then it got worse… more women start coming out. There are reports of racy text massages, panicked voice mails and 31 month relationships.

Before this accident is was relatively assumed Tiger Woods was a good guy. He was one of the most recognized athletes in the world, a billionaire, and a player that on his own revolutionized his sport. He married a beautiful woman, has had 2 children in the past few years and was starting his family. His injuries conveniently coincided with his wife’s pregnancies and he looked to be a true family man.

Then crap hit the fan. You could always tell Tiger had a big ego but what we didn’t realize it that didn’t just have to do with his golf game, it affected his mojo too. He had it all but wanted more. He thought he was invincible. That he could get away with cheating on his wife and betraying his family. Then when he finally fessed up to his family his wife jumped over the line on the crazy-hot scale and chased him down the driveway with one of his $500 Nike 9-irons. Then he has the audacity and insult to think he could send the cops away 3 times when they came to question him on the incident because he actually was ignorant to think that if he didn’t talk that no one would find out what really happened. Come on tiger, take some notes from Kobe and Letterman, just fess up and people get over it.

I realize by this point he has given a quasi-confession stating he is extremely sorry about what he has done to his family but he still tried to keep it private.

Now to my point and take on all this. Tiger, you are an idiot. How rediculously stupid do you have to be to have multiple affairs while on tour and still go on to get your own wife pregnant twice. You CANNOT have it all. You make millions of dollars. Pay for your wife to come with you on your tours and you can have your way with her every night. If you don’t think she is hot enough for you then divorce her. You’ve got your killer prenup that would net you $4 million in a divorce, so if you’re that much of a scum bag that you need to have sex with multiple women than just break it off. Do you realize that you were risking MILLIONS of dollars in endorsements and ruining your public image every time you had sex with these women. To be so ignorant to think they would keep quiet.. even if you paid them off.

Not only does everyone think your a huge scum bag now, but you’re now going to be the butt of numerous jokes, you are going to hear resounding boos for the first time in your life, and people will genuinely hate you with good cause. All because having everything was not enough for you.

I would post links on where I got all the information in this post.. but at this point so many articles have been posted you would be safe Googling whatever fact you you wanted to follow up on.

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